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Equine VIP

Horse people are interesting people. It doesn’t matter what riding discipline they excel or if they are professionals, avid hobbyists or parents supporting their children’s passion.

Brush Arbor Jubilee

Brush Arbor Jubilee presents the best in Southern Gospel Music featuring great harmonies, soaring melodies and lyrics that bless and inspire. 

Airs Sundays at 12:30pm ET

RX for a Healthy Lifestyle

Author and television personality Edie Hand joins neurologist Dr. Daniel Potts to discuss topics which will help to educate, enlighten, and entertain you. They’ll be inviting special guests on each week to talk about issues affecting people from all walks of life, including how to deal with stress, cooking up special dishes that are healthy and tasty, as well as lessons on improving your marriage, caring for elderly parents, and how to stay fit.

BTS with Kenny & Friends

Featuring producers, artists, and songwriters along with many other guests in the music industry, this show searches the other side of the industry for the “talent behind the talent”...

Heidi Herriott Presents Horse Trix

Heidi Herriott Presents HorseTrix provides step by step trick horse trainer to teach viewers some fun tricks they can teach their own horses. Tricks like the Yes, No, Smile, Pedestal, Bow, Pick Up w/Mouth and more. Each show also provides a segment on general horsemanship to make sure horse owners experience a safe and fun interaction with your horse!

Harvest Eating with Chef Keith Snow

Join Chef Keith Snow of Harvest Eating on a journey to discover local, seasonal and organic goods. Meet the farmers, and learn how easy and healthy it is to live the Harvest Eating Lifestyle. With high-definition videography, engaging interviews, picturesque locations, easy-to-follow recipes...

Crook and Chase

Since first teaming up in 1983, Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase have had their hands in the production of television and radio programs on a continuous basis. Their long run of involvement within the country music scene has made them one of the longest running broadcast duos in the business.

Ralph Emery LIVE

Ralph Emery has provided a face and voice for country music through radio and television programs for 40 years. His live shows feature legendary country music stars in the relaxed one-on-one interview setting. LIVE from Nashville, Tennessee, the star-studded guest line-up includes icons like Reba McEntire...

Gentle Giants

Draft horses are a blending of power and self-restraint in one super-sized package. These extra-large horses emerged in Europe during the ice age and were known to exist at the time of Caesar. By the early medieval period, when they toted iron clad knights; the breed was a deciding factor in many battles. Those same traits, massive, yet good natured, rendered Drafts indispensable in both town and country, whether pulling a plow, a wagon, or a carriage.

Out On The Land

Food, fiber, clean air, healthy wildlife habitat, healthy soils, clean abundant water and more, are products of the conservation stewardship applied “Out On The Land” by diligent, dedicated caretakers.

Inside Reining

About NRHA Inside Reining
Since 2007, NRHA Insider Reining has brought the action packed sport of reining into millions of homes with the first and only show dedicated entirely to the sport of reining. Join host Jenifer Reynolds as she covers reining action from events around the country and spanning the globe such as the NRHA Futurity and Adequan® North American Affiliate Championship Show, NRHA Cowtown Classic, and many more.

Horse Country USA

A magazine style, 30 minute television program that focuses on the heart of the equine industry. With its concentration of great horses, great horsemen and women, rich history and diverse culture that is a blend of old west traditions and modern equine innovations, Horse Country USA has the potential to provide story ideas that are limitless and memorable.

Sure In The Saddle

Airing on Saturdays at 6:30pm ET only on RURAL TV
As a horse trainer and riding instructor, Steve Lantvit teaches both the rider and the horse, educating riders of all levels and disciplines. Whether on the trail or in the arena there is always room for improvement. Steve aspires to be a better horseman and a more effective communicator, and strives...

The Right Place with Kevin Sport

Airing on Saturdays at 2:30pm ET and Sundays at 7:30pm ET on RURAL TV: Mondays at 7am on RFD-TV

“Am I in the right place?” We all have asked that question more than once in our lives, and not just when we are trying to go somewhere unfamiliar for vacation Whenever we have ventured somewhere new in our lives and that place was not quite what we expected...

America's Treasures

Airing on Saturdays at 2:30pm ET and Sundays at 1am ET only on RURAL TV

Hosted by Vicki Lea, America’s Treasures is a television show that uncovers fascinati ng facts about America. Like discovering golden nuggets of informati on, the show goes behind-the-scenes to reveal the inside stories about trivia questions, uncovering the little known facts...

Advantage Horsemanship

Airing Saturdays at 7:30pm ET only on RURAL TV

Advantage Horsemanship with Scott Purdum offers a unique horse training program that teaches willingness, respect, and communicati on between horse and rider. He’s worked with all breeds and helps riders of any discipline become a bett er partner with their horse. 

Act IV

Airs M-F at 11pm ET only on RURAL TV

Watch the extensive Act IV music television programs from Willie Nelson’s very own collection. The classic programs showcase the best talent of their day. See Nashville on the Road, Del Reeves’s Country Carnival, and more! Weekdays at 11pm ET

Cookin' Outdoors with Johnny Nix

Airs Saturdays at 9am and 1pm ET only on RURAL TV

There’s just something about a campfire that invites you in and Johnny Nix does exactly that on his new show Cookin’ Outdoors. Each week the folksy Alabama native delights everyone with his southern charm and culinary skills guiding viewers through the process for cooking everything from peach cobbler to bacon-wrapped stuffed turkey breast - all over the fire.

Rural Evening News

Monday-Friday at 7:30pm ET only on RURAL TV
Watch Rural Evening News to catch up on that day's news surrounding agriculture and markets from across the world.  Along with market news our news staff will bring you news stories covering topics including: auctions, cattle, farm equipment, ranch, real estate and much more.

Market Day Report

Airs Monday-Friday at 9am-2pm ET only on RURAL TV

Every day the Market Day report delivers "live" coverage of agri-business news, weather, and commodity market coverage from across the world.  The market coverage is constantly updated every half-hour bringing you the latest on the markets.

Young Country

Sundays at 3:30pm ET and 2am ET on RURAL TV

Young Country is America's hottest country music video program! Young Country highlights the best in new country music artists, such as Miranda Lambert, Katie Arminger, Greg Hanna, Mark Cooke, Steve Holy, Georgette Jones and more, plus we throw in our favorite classic arists who inspired their careers!

The Out of the Norm Show

Airs Sundays at Noon ET

The Out of the Norm Show is an eclectic collection of stories that define culture, preserve history, entertain and comes to you in a magazine format on Rural TV, television for a growing world, available in over 11 million households across the country.

The American Farmer

Airs Saturdays at 1:30pm and Midnight ET

The mission of the American Farmer series is simple: to educate the world on the most exciting advancements in agriculture and farming. Produced by DMG Productions, American Farmer will take viewers on location across the country, to the farms that form the backbone of the ever-changing American agriculture industry.

Crook & Chase Classics

Airs Mon-Fri at 6pm ET & 10pm ET

Since first teaming up in 1983, Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase have had their hands in the production of television and radio programs on a continuous basis. Their long run of involvement within the country music scene has made them one of the longest running broadcast duos in the business.

Roy Rogers Movie

Airs Saturdays at 9pm ET

Roy Rogers Movies showcases a different classic western movie from the Rogers' family collection in a 60-minute block.

The Marty Stuart Show

Airs Sundays at 9pm ET

The Marty Stuart Show is a must-see show during RURAL-TV's Sunday night lineup. Each exciting episode features Mr. Stuart and his band “The Fabulous Superlatives”. Episodes also feature his "Country Queen" wife, Ms. Connie Smith, who has helped make the show a celebrated success.

Mollie B Polka Party

Airs Sundays at 9:30pm ET

Mollie Busta, popular performer from the Jim Busta Band and Squeezebox, is host of the weekly RFD-TV Polka show, the Mollie B Polka Party.  The one-hour program features the nation’s top polka bands and a wide-variety of ethnic styles produced on location at music festivals from around the country.

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